UMR 3348 Institut Curie / CNRS / Université Paris Sud

Unit Director: Mounira Amor-Guéret

Deputy Director: Stéphan Vagner

The prevention of genomic instability and cancer depends on the optimal functions of a complex network of pathways collectively called the DNA damage response (DDR).

The research activities of our unit span several aspects of the DDR, intracellular signalling and genome stability in response to genotoxic stress, either from endogenous sources (e.g. replication stress, mutations in oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes) or from exogenous sources (e.g. oxidative stress, chemotherapeutic agents, ionizing and UV radiation).


Our research groups:

Mounira Amor-GuéretJacques GhysdaelMeng Er HuangCarsten JankeSarah LambertStéphan Vagner



1st Course: Genome Instability and human disease